We are pleased to announce that the American Penstemon Society (APS) will meet with the Montana Native Plant Society (MNPS), hosted by the Calypso Chapter, on June 24-27, 2016 at Fairmont, Montana.

Headquarters for the meeting will be at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort (www.fairmontmontana.com) with 131 guest rooms and all the facilities expected of a resort hotel, including indoor and outdoor hot springs pools. Rate is likely to be $145 + tax/double room. There are large conference rooms for meals, meetings, and presentations. The hotel has a lounge, a coffee shop, and a dining room.

For those preferring to camp, there is an RV/tent campground adjacent to the hotel.

Fairmont is located about 15 miles from Butte and Anaconda. For those not wanting to stay at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, there are at least six motels in Anaconda and 14 motels in Butte. Butte is served by Delta Airlines.

MNPS will offer a variety of field trips, from easy to strenuous, on Saturday and Sunday. Some non-botanical trips will be offered. APS will be responsible for planning the Monday field trip.

MNPS is hoping to offer a Penstemon propagation workshop on Friday afternoon.

There are 20 Penstemon species reported by Peter Lesica (Manual of Montana Vascular Plants, 2012) from Beaverhead County in southwestern Montana, including the endemic P. aridusand P. lemhiensis. Other species likely to be seen in late June include P. albertinus, arenicola, attenuatus var.pseudoprocerus, cyaneus, deustus,diphyllus, eriantherus var. redactus,fruticosus, globosus, humilis, montanus,nitidus, procerus, radicosus, rydbergii,whippleanus, wilcoxii, and maybeellipticus.

Detailed information about field trips and registration will be provided in the Fall Newsletter.
Pat and Noel Holmgren, Vice-Presidents and Meeting Chairpersons
Catherine Cain, Karen Porter, Chairpersons for Montana Native Plant Society

Registration, field trip information, images of Penstemons and much more to come!