Cultivation Information

Information in this section is presented in 31 different tables (documents), with their organization based on the botanical classification system (taxonomy) for the Genus Penstemon.

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Taxonomy practice places each species of a plant within a genus and then into successively smaller categories based on shared characteristics of those species within a genus. The largest category of a genus is called a subgenus; following that, the categories are section and subsection. The arrangement looks like this:

The Genus Penstemon is divided into six subgenera. The Cultivation Tables cover four of these subgenera and all but two species neither of which has been cultivated. To get to a table, click the link as given below in the Index.

Index: Tables with Cultivation Information


There are no further divisions; to view the table for species within the subgenus Dasanthera, click here.










Ericopsis Caespitosi

Ericopsis Ericopsis

Ericopsis Linaroides

Fasciculus Campanulati

Fasciculus Fasciculi

Fasciculus Perfoliati

Fasciculus Racemosi

Peltanthera Centranthifolii

Peltanthera Havardiani

Peltanthera Peltanthera

Peltanthera Petiolati

Penstemon Arenarii

Penstemon Deusti

Penstemon Gairdneriani

Penstemon Harbouriani

Penstemon Humiles

Penstemon Multiflori

Penstemon Penstemon

Penstemon Proceri

Penstemon Tubaeflori



Saccanthera Serrulati

Saccanthera Heterophylli

If you have a name of a Penstemon but do not know it's classifcation, pick the Penstemon name below to find it. Then you can use the table above to download the related classification document:


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