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'Penstemon Hunt Success' - by Maffitt, Ginny
States or region: OR WA
A sigh of relief was breathed by this year’s leader of the tour after the final event when I realized that no one had suffered even a scraped knee, fender bender, illness or other minor or major catastrophe! The weather was cool and 60ish for the first two days, and in the low 70's for the next two. The next day with participants hurrying home, Portland turned torrid and 90- were we lucky or not? While two drivers went north to Washington one morning, instead of northwest to Scapoose, they eventually rolled into Joy Creek Nursery to enjoy Maurice Horn’s wonderful collection and grounds. Many thanks were offered to our botanist/guides Louise Parsons and Chris Ebrahimi. We traveled in three groups of about 6 cars in each, which eased logistics and parking at each stop. These ladies had ....- to download, Link Here

'On the Penstemon Trail with Carl Worth' - by Priest, Amel
States or region: CO NM
(this excerpt is from an article orginally published in 1947) I had been dreaming for years of making a trip into the mountains to see penstemons, but had never been able to do so. It just happened that things broke favorably this year. Carl said in one of his letters that he would like to make a trip this year with someone who had a car. I had a car and, for the first time, an opportunity to get away from the farm. We soon had the arrangements made for me to meet him in Denver. We reached Denver on Sunday, July 26, and on Monday Mrs. Priest and I went to Berthoud Pass, elevation over 11,000 feet. Whippleanus was growing there in two color forms—a greenish white and a dark plum purple. These are the same ones Ralph Bennett saw, but he describes them in slightly different terms. ....- to download, Link Here

'I’D GO TO IDAHO, 2007' - by Maffitt, Ginny
States or region: ID
Idaho provided the ideal setting for the annual 2007 American Penstemon Society conference in late June. Wildflowers, scenery and weather all combined to seemingly satisfy all participants, judging by the compliments received by President Louise and myself. The first get-together was on the patio of a small restaurant in Lower Stanley that overlooked the Salmon River. The backdrop was acres of meadows with grazing cows across the river, with the Sawtooth Mountains standing sentinel on the near horizon. Fifty-three members checked in, ordered lots of cold drinks and an early dinner, then proceeded to get acquainted. Probably the most distant travelers were Jane and Barrie Porteus from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Everyone seemed excited over the many penstemons seen on the driv ....- to download, Link Here

'Idaho Preview Treks in 2006' - by Parsons, Louise
States or region: ID OR
South Central Idaho is a botanically rich area that is off the beaten path. In preparation for the ‘07 Annual meeting/trek, I was fortunate to make two quick trips during late June and early July. Ginny Maffitt and Dwayne Dickerson also made separate trips to the area and have provided valuable observations. My first trip focused on the Mackay area. This is an unspoiled area rich in flora, but alas, accommodations and meeting spots were too few. It was a long day, but I drove from Corvallis via US 20 through Bend and Burns, with some quick stops east of Bend to view some thick stands of Penstemon speciosus. At Ontario, I got onto I-84, driving through Boise, then back on US 20 at Mountain Home to head into the wilds. There is a large gas station north of the freeway at the exit. ....- to download, Link Here

'From Reno to Bishop and Back: Adventures of Exploration' - by Wilde, Ellen
States or region: CA NV
This year our group of Penstemon Society travellers decided to fly to Reno and rent cars from there to explore eastern California. By some miracle, we were able to all get airline tickets that got us there at approximately noon on Tuesday before the meeting. Thea Unzner had flown from Germany several days earlier on many flight segments and stayed with Shirley and Carl Backman a few days before we arrived so she could rest up. Libby Wheeler came from Arkansas, Jennifer Mathews and Rob Huesca came from San Antonio and Judith and I came from Santa Fe and when we had gotten our luggage and rented our cars, Carl and Shirley brought Thea to a restaurant outside the Airport for a happy reunion and lunch together. Shirley and Carl would join us later at the meeting. We were eas ....- to download, Link Here


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