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'American Penstemon Society Field Trip and Annual Meeting - July 7, 2003' - by Wheeler, Libby
States or region: CO
Thanks to thorough reconnoitering and good travel notes provided by Bob McFarlane, nine APS members spent a productive day scouting penstemons west of Denver on July 7th. Erin Robertson, Dave Bentzin, Ellen Wilde, Thea Unzner, Laurin and Libby Wheeler and Phoebe and Bob McFarlane met at 7 am in the Pterodactyl Parking Area to carpool. Bill Gray joined us en route on a sunny, clear Colorado day. Our first stop, at the junction of I-70 and US 40, treated us to P. secundiflorus and P. virgatus. The expected P. virens had finished blooming. We also saw a myriad of other plants in flower including Cryptantha, Gaillardia, Eriogonum, Oxytropis, Castilleja, Gilia, lupines and sedum. To get to our second stop about five miles south of Granby, we crossed over the Berthoud Pa ....- to download, Link Here

'A Propagating Experience' - by Bob McFarlane
States or region:
When Val asked if I would write an article on my penstemon propagation experiences this past year I agreed but only with some trepidation, since so many of you have had so much more experience in this area than I. By way of some background, my wife and I have been growing penstemons for the past ten years. We also have been collecting wild penstemon seed for several years and I have been trying to propagate penstemon from seed for the past five or six years. My original efforts were very spotty and not particularly successful. Major problems included no or very low germination, damping off of new seedlings, losing many plants after pricking up due, I think, to lack of water and too much direct hot sunlight. In addition, I never had a comfortable place to grow the plants after they we ....- to download, Link Here

'A Penstemon Trip from Santa Fe to Walla Walla and Back' - by Unzer, Thea
States or region: CO NM UT ID WA OR MT
Ellen Wilde invited me to make a four day trip from Santa Fe to the APS meeting in Walla Walla with her and another friend, Judith Thatcher, who would help her with the driving. I was delighted and flew to Santa Fe a few days early to relax after my long flight from Germany. Libby and Lauren Wheeler came from Arkansas to join us in Santa Fe. The first day brought us from from New Mexico into Colorado and through Durango and Ouray to Montrose, where we had our first overnight. On the way we saw many penstemons at road cuts and stopped to look at them and take photos. They were Penstemons strictus, palmeri, eatonii and crandallii. In the morning we went for a quick look at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, a spectacular place, and found Penstemons virgatus (with wasps s ....- to download, Link Here

'2009 APS Annual Trip Report' - by Gerald Klingaman
States or region:
The evening before we boarded a plane for El Paso, news reporters breathlessly detailed the murder of 18 people just across the Rio Grande in Juarez. The villains even shot the dog! Ongoing reports about drug violence, swine flu and a general unease about our own economic malaise set the backdrop for the 2009 American Penstemon Society pilgrimage to see some of the south-of-the-border species. But, as it almost always turns out, the situation on the ground was completely different than the media and our own minds could conjure up. The 38 of us who made the trip were shown a side of Mexico few knew still existed. ....- to download, Link Here

'2004 Annual American Penstemon Society Tour' - by Stetson, David
States or region: OR WA
After several years of reading The APS Bulletin, buying seeds from the seed exchange, growing and killing penstemons, it was time for me to contribute something back to the organization. This article is my offering. In writing this unavoidable biased account of the June APS tour (6/13-6/16), I cannot even begin to represent the discoveries, adventures, and misadventures of these days. So, if I miss a significant event of sighting forgive me for I am a man who is by nature myopic and at times downright oblivious to of the “real” important details of life. The names will not be changed as none is innocent, nor does anyone need to be protected. DAY ONE June 13, 2004 “The Gathering of I thought I saw a weed in Ginny Maffitt’s garden” Somewhere around 30-40 pen ....- to download, Link Here


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