Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_acaulis
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Ericopsis Caespitosi
GeneralA very small and desirable cushion forming plant limited to a very narrow range and thus, may be considered to be endangered. P. yampaensis is sometimes listed as P. acaulis ssp. yampaensis. Both species can be difficult to grow. Various sources place this species in differing sections. The species name means 'stemless'. Many prefer to grow this species in a trough.
Antherblue-black and widely divaricate with toothed sutures
Staminodelarge, golden bearded, exserted.
Leaveslinear, gray geen leaves, to three quarters of an inch.
Stemsvery short
Inflorescenseusually two flowers per flowering shoot.
Corollablue to lavender tinged upward facing
Flower Color
HabitatDry clay hills
RangeNear the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the bordering area where CO, WY, and UT meet.