Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_auriberbis
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Cristati
GeneralGolden beard penstemon Rare and Sensitive List. Blooms: May and June.
AntherBoat-shaped, opening at outer ends, but not flat.
StaminodeModerately exserted beyond flower, slightly curved, bearded to the base with long, bright golden hairs.
LeavesLinear or lanceolate, downy or smooth; basal leaves are 60 mm (2 ) long & as wide, narrow, stemmed with smooth or wavy and toothed edges and present at blooming; upper stem leaves to 80 mm (3) long and usually wider than the basal leaves; bracts are leaf-like and pointed, the lower bracts wider than the leaves.
Stems10-35 cm (4-13 ) tall, hairy plant, sometimes with red stems.
InflorescenseNarrow, one-sided (or nearly so), cyme 2-3 flowered.
Corolla18-25 mm (3/4-1) long, lavender or purplish, throat pale-colored and wide open, lower lip has a few sparse hairs, exterior is glandular.
Flower Color
Calyx7-9 mm (>1/4), sepals are lanceolate and pointed.
HabitatSagebrush land and plains.
RangeArkansas River Valley, south-central CO, Colfax and Union Co, NM.