Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_baccharifolius
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Baccharifolii
GeneralCut-Leaf, Rock or Baccharis-like Leaved Penstemon RARE. Genus Baccharis is a wide-spread, composite, evergreen group from North and South America with toothed leaves and tiny white flowers. P. baccharifolius with look-alike foliage, doesn’t tolerate sub-freezing temperatures well, nor wet winter soils. Blooms: June to October.
AntherSac-like, barely exserted, opening across the connective (middle) which is very unusual since it is part of Subgenus Penstemon.
StaminodeBare, included.
LeavesTo 4 cm (1 ˝”) long & ˝-1/4 as wide, upper leaves reduced, coarse-toothed at least at outer end, ovate, broad, yellow-green, holly-like, and leathery, mainly on stem.
Stems15-60 cm (6-24”) tall, herbage densely pubescent in inflorescence.
InflorescenseCyme 2-3 cm (to 1”) long, 2-flowered, formed at tip of each stem.
Corolla22-30 mm (3/4-1”) long, deep red, (crimson to rose-scarlet) white on lip, all lobes recurved, expanded gradually, intensely glandular-pubescent (sticky-fuzzy) externally.
Flower Color
Calyx4-6 mm, lobes narrow.
HabitatLimestone outcrops and cliffs, lower elevations.
RangeEdwards Plateau in the Texas Hill Country and west to the Rio Grande R.