Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_bicolor
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Peltanthera Peltanthera
GeneralTwo-colored Penstemon RARE. Blooms: April to May.
AntherShield-shaped, opening flat, longer than wide.
StaminodeGolden-bearded, exserted.
LeavesThickened, serrate (coarse-toothed), blue-green, upper ones wrap around stems.
StemsTo 12 dm (4) tall.
InflorescenseLong inflorescence
Corolla18-26 mm (3/4-1) long, pale yellow or rose-pink, ranging from off-white to reddish purple, expanded abruptly, moderately, to wide mouth, lobes large (1/3 length of corolla), guidelines faint, throat sparsely villous (long-hairy) at the lower lip.
Flower Color
HabitatCreosote bush communities, 700-1524 m (2300-5000) elev.
RangeEastern Inyo County, CA, into Clark Co., NV. subsp. bicolor: Corolla pale yellow; lobes sometimes pink, Clark Co., NV subsp. roseus: Corolla rose-pink, in gravelly, rocky desert soils at about 1737 m (5600) elev., Mohave Co. AZ.