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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_bolanius
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Fasciculus Campanulati
GeneralThis rare Mexican species is found near the town of Bolanos, hence the name. It is similar to P. campanulatus, but with broad, serrated leaves, found in dry uplands and not known in cultivation. It was considered by Straw (1963) to be a distinct species by virtue of its isolation from other colonies of P. campanulatus. It is known only from herbarium specimens. Blooms : August to October
AntherSpreading widely, open across the connective.
StaminodeSometimes a few short hairs or not bearded, broadened at tip
Leaves8 cm (3) long & -1/3 as wide, toothed on outer 2/3, mainly elliptic, taper acutely to base and tip; slightly serrated at tip; fascicles (tiny leaves in leaf axils) few.
Stems6-8 dm (24-32) tall, covered in minute white hairs.
InflorescenseHerbage slightly pubescent below, essentially smooth above, cyme 2-4 cm (3/4-1 ) long, at least 2-5 flowered.
Corolla25-30 mm (about 1) long, purple and ventricose (bulging on one side).
Flower Color
Calyx8-10 mm (>1/4) long, lobes narrow with long tip
HabitatDry uplands, summer monsoons foster late blooming season.
RangeJalisco state, MX