Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_campanulatus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Fasciculus Campanulati
GeneralBell-like Penstemon [syn: P. campanulatus var bolanius, var. gentryi, var. tepicensis, var. potosinus, var. hintonii.] All now have species status. This is a variable species widely distributed throughout Mexico and in cultivation since the early nineteenth century. 1 Leaves completely toothed, lanceolate, and broad at base a. ssp campanulatus: stem essentially smooth, leaves often smooth, n & c MEX, s to Puebla, both Sierra Madre Occidental and Oriental south to Mexico City. b. ssp chihuahuensis: stem white or light brown-fuzzy at least at nodes; leaves slightly fuzzy, known locally as jarritos “little jars”. Sonora; w Chihuahua. 2 Leaves toothed on outer 2/3, elliptic, taper to both ends. ssp subglandulosus: inflorescence pubescent on stems and cymes only, fairly hardy, leaves elliptic and serrate only at the tips, e Sonora; Chihuahua. Blooms April to October.
Anther: Divaricate (spreading widely) and naviculate (boat-shaped), not flatly opened, but opening across the connective.
Staminodesometimes not bearded or golden bearded, barely projecting from orifice.
Leaves7 cm (2 ¾”) long & 1/7-1/10 sometimes to 1/5-1 1/5 as wide, narrow-lanceolate, taper to long tip, many fascicles (tiny leaflets in leaf axils), serrate (finely toothed, glossy green.
Stems7.5-9 dm (30-36”) tall, herbage slightly fuzzy below, mostly smooth above, dense, bushy look due to many fascicles in leaf nodes, sprawling.
InflorescenseCyme: 1-3 cm (1”+) long, 2-5 flowered.
Corolla20-35 mm (3/4-1 ½”) long, pale pink or pale to deep red-purple to purple (light to dark), (rarely bluish purple or pink), sometimes white, open throat, bell-shaped.
Flower Color
Calyx5-15 mm (1/4-1/2”) long, sepals narrow with tips curving outward.
Range North-central part of Mexico as far south as Puebla.