Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_canescens
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Penstemon
GeneralWhite or Hoary Penstemon This is a highly variable species found on both sides of the Appalachian Mts. and into the Midwest and quite similar to P. brevisepalus. Gleason and Cronquist (1991) considered it the same species, but it lacks the tiny sepals and its basal rosette is not always well developed at flowering. Blooms: April to June
AntherWidely spreading apart, moderately open.
StaminodeBearded with hair 2 mm long, exserted at orifice.
LeavesBasal leaves to 1.5 dm (6) long, & 1/3-1/4 as wide, often ovate, blunt, often spoon-shaped; upper leaves to 12.5 cm (5) long, all are toothed and thin in texture.
StemsErect stems are sinuous, herbage finely hairy.
InflorescenseNodding in bud, open panicles, cyme 2-3 cm (1) long, 2-6 flowered.
Corolla20-25 mm (3/4-1) long, pink, old rose, lavender to plum, pale or deep red-purple, same color outside & within with sharply defined violet guidelines within the pale throat.
Flower Color
Calyx3-6 mm (1/4) long, sepals with narrow tip.
HabitatMountain woodlands
RangeIN, OH, PA, to w VA and as far south as n AL subsp canescens: leaves fuzzy, dull green, corolla pale red-purple, plant 3-8 dm (12- 32) tall, n AL, n & e to s PA subsp. brittonorum: leaves mostly smooth, deep green, corolla deep red-purple, plant 2-5 dm (8-20) tall, Appalachian Mtns, s WV to ne GA. Forma villacaulis: has soft hairs along the stem internodes.