Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_centranthifolius
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Peltanthera Centranthifolii
GeneralScarlet Bugler Penstemon x parishii, a natural hybrid between P. centranthifolius and P. spectabilis is found where the two species are sympatric (same area). Blooms: April to July.
Anther0.8-1.2 mm, spreading flat.
LeavesThick; middle cauline generally largest, 4-10 cm (1 -4) long & as wide, lanceolate to ovate, cordate-clasping, entire, glaucous, upper ones 7 cm (2 ) long & 1/3 as wide, basal leaves reduced.
StemsPerennial 3-12 dm (12-48) tall, glabrous (hairless) and glaucous (bluish).
InflorescenseCyme 2-4 cm long.
Corolla2-3 cm (3/4-1) long, bright red, glabrous, including the floor, expanding gradually, very narrow; cylindric, lobes projecting, not spreading, very small (less than 1/8 as long as corolla), buds often yellow.
Flower Colorscarlet
Calyx3.5-7.5 mm, (to ) long, lobes ovate to round, lobes sometimes papery.
HabitatDry, open or wooded places, generally in chapa,rral or oak woodland, <1800 m. (5900) elev.
RangeNorthern Coast Range, n Sierra Nevada foothills, Great Valley Basin, CA