Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_cobaea
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Cristati
GeneralWild Foxglove Penstemon, Wild White Snapdragon Due to large blossoms, the species has been used for hybridization with P. hartwegii, P. triflorus and others, producing many garden hybrids. Blooms: May and June.
AntherPeltate-explanate (flatly open, shield shape), spreading, dark color.
StaminodeSlight beard, tuft of 3 mm long hair at tip.
LeavesLower ones very long, to 20 cm (8) long & as wide; upper leaves very broad, often ovate, to 12 cm (5) long & -1/3 as wide, serrate (or entire) leaves at abase, youthful basal rosette disappears with maturity.
Stems15-100 cm (6-39) tall, few to many stout stems closely growing, stiffly upright.
InflorescenseCymes 1-2 cm (3/8-3/4) long, 2-5 flowered.
CorollaThe largest penstemon flower, 35-60 mm (1 -2 ) long, white or pinkish shades depending on variety, expanded widely to wide mouth, lobes large, lip not bearded, guidelines prominent on all lobes.
Flower Color
Calyx7-16 mm (-5/8) long lobes broad with long tip.
HabitatCalcareous (limey) loamy soils with above 38 cm (15 precipitation).
Range subspecies typicus: corolla pale violet-purple or white or pink; foliage pale green, open prairies from southeastern NE southward to KS and OK to coast plain of se TX. subspecies purpureus: corolla deep purple; foliage deeper green, rocky calcareous barrens and cliffs, valley of the White River, Ozark Mts. of n AR and s MS.