Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_confertus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Proceri
GeneralScorched or Yellow Penstemon P. confertus is closely related to P. procerus and may hybridize sometimes producing pink flowers. Blooms: May into August.
Anther0.4-0.7 mm long, smooth and purple outside, sacs opening fully, opposite and flat.
StaminodeIncluded with corolla, bearded with a tuft of hairs at expanded tip.
LeavesIn basal rosette 3-15 cm (1 -6) long, entire, bright green and thin, mostly elliptic, tapered to short stems, smooth; stem leaves lanceolate, stemless to clasping, to 10 cm (to 4) long, narrow and much reduced in the inflorescence.
Stems5 dm (8-20), one to few stems, often with leafy sterile shoots at the base or even somewhat mat-forming, smooth or velvety textured.
InflorescenseNarrow, encircling the stem, smooth, of 2-10 compact, many-flowered verticillasters or thyrses, the lower flower clusters well-spaced on fairly long stems held tightly to the stem.
CorollaTiny, 4-12 mm (to ) long, cream or pale sulphur yellow, tube narrow and not much expanded in the throat, but distinctly 2-lipped.
Flower Color
Calyx2-5 mm (to 1/4) high, the sepals broad with abrupt tail-like tips, broadly thinned (white-) margins and ragged.
HabitatFairly good soil or rocky sites from forests to low meadows to subalpine.
RangeSoutheastern British Columbia and sw Alberta to the Cascade foothills in WA, w MT and ne OR.