Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_coriaceus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Fasciculus Campanulati
GeneralLeathery Penstemon [syn: P. baccharifolius subsp. coriaceus; P. schaffneri]. Blooms August to October.
AntherProject well beyond corolla, opposite, opening flat (which distinguishes it from P. baccharifolius)
Staminode Lightly yellow-bearded
LeavesTo 6 cm (2 ) long & 1/3-1/5 as wide including stem, thick and leathery, elliptic to spatulate (spoon-shaped), often entire or occasionally serrate, often blunt at tips, tapes to base, broad or medium width, congested at the axils.
StemsLeafy, 6 dm (24) tall.
InflorescenseLeafy, cyme 2-3 cm (about 1) long, 1-3 flowered.
CorollaLarge, 30-32 mm (1 ) long, pale lavender to whitish.
Flower Color
Calyx7-8 mm () long, lobes broad-lanceolate.
HabitatRock crevices, 1500-2500 m (4900-8200)
RangeSan Luis Potosi, Aquascalientes, Jalisco and Zacatecas, Northern Mexico.