Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_cyaneus
ClassificationPenstemon Habroanthus Glabri
GeneralCyan or Dark Blue Penstemon Cyaneus refers to the dark blue color giving this gorgeous penstemon its common name. It resembles P. cyananthus var. cyananthus, differing mainly in its twisted, S-shaped anthers, which are generally longer. It is also found further west in Idaho. Blooms: Late May to early August.
Anther1.8-3 mm long, modestly to minutely fuzzy with short stiff hairs, the sacs opening 4/5 their length almost across the connective, spreading apart at an angle (not directly opposite, distinctly twisted so the anthers are S-shaped, minutely toothed on openi
StaminodeBearded with short, yellow hairs, expanded at the tip and included.
LeavesBasal leaves 16 cm (6) long form a basal rosette on narrow stems, elliptic to oblanceolate; cauline leaves reduced, 3-11 cm (1-4+) long, lance-shaped, stemless or clasping the stem.
Stems3-7 dm (12-28) high with usually several, stout stems from a woody, branching root crown, glabrous and sometimes glaucous (bluish-leaved).
InflorescenseGlabrous, more or less one-sided, narrow, of 3-10 short-stemmed verticillasters, distinctly spaced or quite crowded, the cymes 2- to 6-flowers.
CorollaLarge, 24-35 mm (1-1 2/5) long, dark blue to violet on the tube, usually light-colored or white within, expanded to about 1 cm wide at the mouth, somewhat bellied beneath.
Flower Color
Calyx4-7 mm (<1/2) long, the sepals broad, tapered to acute tips or nearly round, smooth, thin and ragged on edges.
Habitatopen plains, often sagebrush into the lower mountains, 1500-2400 m (4500-7500).
RangeUpper Snake River Plain of s ID, Salmon R of c ID to sw MT and nw WY (Teton and Yellowstone NP).