Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_cyathophorus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Coerulei
GeneralWine-cup Penstemon The common name refers to the cuplike appearance of the bracts. Blooms early June to late July.
AntherLong exserted, sacs remain parallel, but (unusual for Subgenus Penstemon) are arrow-head-shaped and drooping in relation to the filament.
StaminodeDense beard at tip, tip expanded between 1 & 3 mm and extending upward, fertile stamens strikingly exserted (for easy ID).
LeavesBasal ones prominent, lower leaves to 16 cm (6 ) long & 1/3 as wide, blunt-ended, upper leaves to 3 cm (1) long & as wide, ovate, fleshy, entire, glaucous (bluish), bracts surround the stems and cup the closely spaced cylindric rings of flowers.
Stems2-6 dm (8-24 tall, herbage on stem & inflorescence densely pale-pubescent (hairy), thick stems.
InflorescenseCyme about 1 cm (1/3) long, inflorescence with short internodes.
CorollaSmall, 9-15 mm (3/8-1/2) long, pale blue-violet, white or pink.
Flower Color
Calyx4-7 mm (>1/4) long, lobes papery edged with long tip.
HabitatMeadows, sagebrush, montane zone, 2400-2600 m (7900-8600).
RangeMiddle and North Park, Grand Co., n CO and adjacent (Carbon Co. in se WY.