Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_davidsonii
ClassificationPenstemon Dasanthera
GeneralDavidson’s Penstemon, Creeping Penstemon . Blooms: summer
AntherWhite-woolly and fully opened, valves spreading flat.
StaminodeShort, about ˝ as long as the stamen filaments (stems) and pale yellow bearded at the tip; included inside the corolla. Chromosome count: 2n+16.
LeavesMostly basal, to 1.5 cm (to 5/8”) long, elliptical to nearly round, green, smooth, and quite thick; cauline (floral stem) leaves few and much smaller to bract-like.
StemsShrubby at base and mat-forming, the flowering stems from less than 10-15 cm (to 6”) high.
InflorescenseA compact, few-flowered raceme, secund (one-sided) and usually glandular (sticky) w/ short stems.
CorollaBlue to lavender or purple, 2.5 to 4 cm (1-1 ˝”) long, keeled (raised) on top and 2 ridged on the palate (inside bottom) glabrous outside and the palate sparsely to densely bearded.
Flower Color
CalyxThe sepals narrow to ovate, 7-15 mm (to 5/8”) long, obtuse to pointed and green.
HabitatRocky outcrops or talus from montane to alpine.
RangeCoastal B.C. through Coast and Cascade ranges to the California Sierras and on Steens Mountain, OR. variety davidsonii varies in having entire (no serration), spatulate (wider at tip) leaves. It grows from southern WA to Sierras of CA. It’s range overlaps variety menziesii in s WA and n OR variety menziesii (Keck) Cronquist varies in having slightly serrated leaves, lanceolate and broadest at the middle and is found in s Vancouver Island, Olympic Mts., n Cascades in WA and OR. variety praeteritis has a slightly larger corolla to 4.5 cm long, with sharp leaf tips, no serration and is found only in the Steens Mts. of OR and possibly nearby mountains of Nevada. It is rare and endangered due to its limited habitat.