Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_deustus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Deusti
GeneralScorched, Hot Rock or Scabland Penstemon Deustus means scorched or burned up. This widespread species is easily recognized, although it varies considerably through four varieties. It has two close relatives in Northern CA, but none in the NW. Blooms: late Spring and early Summer.
AntherSpreading widely to opposite, the sacs opening flat, smooth, 0.5-0.9 mm long and mostly included within the corolla.
StaminodeSmooth or sparsely bearded, not expanded at the tip, usually just reaching the orifice.
LeavesBasal ones1.5-5 cm (to 2) long on short petioles, variable, mostly toothed, smooth or glandular (sticky), stem leaves sessile (stemless) or clasping, reduced upward to mere bracts in the upper inflorescence.
Stems2-4 dm (8-16) tall, generally forming dense clumps, markedly woody and branching at the base, usually with man sterile shoots at the base.
InflorescenseSeveral to many loose or crowded verticillasters in the axils of upper leaves or bracts, glabrous or sparingly glandular.
Corolla8-20 mm (5/16-3/4) long, mostly cream or very pale yellowish, with or without red or maroon guide lines, the tube not much expanded in the throat, the upper lip shorter than the lower.
Flower Color
Calyx2.5-6 mm (to ) long sepals, lanceolate to oval, the margins entire and scarious (white).
HabitatDry rocky places or rock cliffs or outcrops from low elevations to subalpine.
RangeCentral WA to sw MT, nw WY, nw UT and s Ca. var. variabilis: some leaves 3- or 4-whorled at the nodes, leaves entire or minutely serrate near the tips; n-cent OR into s-cent WA in Klickitat Co. var. suffrutescens: leaves all opposite, markedly toothed throughout; corolla less than1 cm (3/8) long; staminode bearded; sw OR and nw CA. var. deustus: leaves all opposite, markedly toothed throughout; corolla more than 1 cm long, 12-18 mm (to 11/16) long, the upper petal lobes white or cream-colored; staminode smooth; cent WA, ne OR, ID, sw MT and nw WY.