Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_digitalis
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Penstemon
GeneralFoxglove Penstemon It has many cultivars such as the awarded ‘Husker Red’, ranges through the northern Mississippi River basin and has naturalized into the ne U.S., Ontario and Quebec. Blooms: April to August.
AntherDensely or lightly bearded, open end-to-end, boat shape.
StaminodeScarcely bearded, slightly protruding from flower.
LeavesLarge basal rosettes to 2 dm (8”) long and ¼ as wide, upper leaves to 17.5 cm (7”) long that normally disappear at flowering, slightly toothed, thin textured, dark green, maroon in winter.
StemsTo 7-15 dm (28-60”, to 5’) tall, stems shiny.
InflorescenseBroad panicles, cyme 3-9 cm (1-3 1/2”) long, 2-10 flowered.
CorollaLarge, inflated, usually white, but occasionally tinged with purple, 2-lipped, expanded abruptly with lower lobes slightly longer, glandular (sticky).
Flower Color
Calyx5-8 mm (1/4”) long, sepals narrow, spreading outwards.
HabitatOpen woodlands, meadows and fields, at low elevations.
RangeWidespread from eastern Great Plains into ME, Ontario and Quebec, (IA, s to e TX, ne to WI, VA, New England).