Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_dissectus
ClassificationPenstemon Cryptostemon
GeneralDissected Beardtongue RARE; This is the only species with a fern-like leaf; see photos in Davesgarden.com. Blooms: April and May.
Anther1.2-1.4 mm (<1/8) long, brownish, open partway from inner end, outer ends remain pouch-like.
Staminodewhite with white beard at tip, which is entire and exherted.
Leavesupper leaves deeply, often doubly, dissected cleft almost to the center, 60 mm x 30 mm (2/3 x 1/3) opposite, appearing as whorls 2-3 apart on stem. Lobes 1-2 mm wide, green. Lower leaves obovate, entire or with a few lobes to 30 mm x 5 mm (1/2 x ), bracts entire.
Stemssparsely branched with cymes (floral groups) 3-10 cm long, 2-4 flowered
Inflorescense60 cm (2) tall with bracts at base of each cyme.
Corolla25-30 mm (1 ) long, fuzzy on outside, pale lavender with white throat and purple guidelines, expanded abruptly, lower lobes slightly longer than upper, attractive.
Flower Color
Calyx4-5mm (<1/2) long ovate with pointed tip
Habitatstream banks on east side of Appalachian Mtns.
Range12 scattered counties in Georgia, some may be naturalized by man.