Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_fruticiformis
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Peltanthera Peltanthera
GeneralShrub-like Penstemon. Blooms: May to June.
Anther1.6-2.1 mm opening full length, cells barely spreading.
StaminodeExserted, densely hairy.
Leaves25-65 mm (1-2 ) long, thick, upper leaves more or less narrowly lanceolate (sub)entire (nearly smooth-edged), generally folded lengthwise or rolled inward.
StemsShrub 3-6 dm (12-24) tall, much-branched, generally wider than tall, young stems glabrous (hairless), generally glaucous (bluish).
CorollaPale pink to whitish, limb sometimes lavender, strongly lined, floor shaggy-hairy, profuse.
Flower Color
Calyxsee varieties.
HabitatGravelly washes, canyon floors in creosote-bush scrub, juniper/pinyon woodland, 1000-1800 m (3300-6000) elev.
Rangevar. amargosae (Keck) Holmgren: Death Valley Penstemon: Calyx: 4.5-7.5 mm (1/4) long, sepals ovate, corolla 22-24 mm (7/8) long, throat 8-10 mm when pressed, glandular-hairy outside. UNCOMMON, creosote-bush scrub, 1000-1220 m 3300-4000) elev., ne Desert Mts., (Kingston Mts.), CA, w NV. subsp. amargosae Keck]. var. fruticiformis: Calyx: 4.5-6.5 mm (1/4) long, lobes widely ovate to round, corolla 24-28 mm (to 1) long, throat 10-14 mm when pressed, glabrous except on floor, same habitats and range of species (except not in NV).