Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_glaucinus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Proceri
GeneralBlue-leaved Penstemon Blooms: June and July.
Anther0.6-1 mm long, purple outside, opening full length, the sacs diverging, but not opposite, opening to rather narrow boat shape.
StaminodeIncluded within the corolla, usually glabrous and not expanded at the tip.
Leaves2-6 cm (1-2 ) long including slender stems, in a glaucous, well developed basal rosette, elliptic to spatulate, mostly rounded on the end, and fairly thick; cauline leaves mostly oblong, narrow to linear n the inflorescence, entire, reduced above.
Stems1.5-3.5 dm (6-14) high, few to many stems in an upright clump, slender and smooth below.
InflorescenseOf 2 to 4 verticillasters well-separated below to crowded above, narrow, the lower peduncles to 2.5 cm (1) long and tightly appressed to the stems, the cymes 2- to 6-flowered, sticky.
Corolla1-1.5 cm (3/8-5/8) long, blue-purple, the tube nearly cylindrical or gradually expanded, sticky outside, the palate yellow-bearded and markedly 2-ridged, 2-lipped, the lips spreading, but not sharply reflexed.
Flower Color
Calyx3-6 mm (1/4) long, the sepals mostly lanceolate, and the margins entire or remotely thin and ragged.
HabitatIn lodgepole or ponderosa pine forests, 1200-2400 m (4000-8000)
RangeFremont National Forest in Lake and Klamath Cos., OR.