Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_grahamii
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Cristati
GeneralUintah Basin Penstemon. RARE in Colorado. Blooms: May to early June.
Anther1-1.4 mm long, opening the full length and flattened, pale blue, essentially smooth.
StaminodeExserted, golden yellow-bearded, fertile stamens exserted.
LeavesMostly cauline, 2-4 cm (1/2-1 ) long, entire, glabrous (smooth), the basal ones broadly oval, about 20 mm (3/4) wide, strongly net-veined, the stem ones clasping.
StemsShort-lived perennial herb, 0.7-1.8 dm (3-7) tall stems erect or ascending, 1-3 stems arising from a fleshy crown, this surmounting a taproot, retrorsely cinereous-puberulent (ashy hairs, pointing backwards).
InflorescenseThyrse with cymes 2-6-flowered, the axis and stems glandular-pubescent (sticky, hairy), densely clustered between cymes.
CorollaLarge, 30-37 mm (1-1 3/8) long, pale to deep lavender with dark violet lines in the throat, abruptly ventricose-ampliate (bulging on one side, bell-shaped), the tube 9-15 mm (to ) long, upper lip projecting, the lobes of the lower lip reflexed, sticky-hairy externally, the palate sparsely white-bearded.
Flower Color
Calyx7-9 mm (3/8) long, the segments lanceolate, acute, sticky-hairy.
HabitatShaley talus and knolls with a few scattered pinyon and juniper trees, 1400-2000 m (4600-6700) elev.
RangeUinta Basin, e Duchesne Co., and Uintah Co., UT and adj. Rio Blanco Co., CO.