Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_grandiflorus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Coerulei
General1813 Shell-flowered Penstemon F. Pennell postulated the wide spread of the species from Wisconsin Stage (of the Pleistocene Epoch) ice on the Missouri R. carrying seed down to river valleys in the south. It is one of the largest flowered penstemons and very showy. Blooms: April to late June
AntherIncluded, diverging widely but not flat, pale green.
Staminode2-3 mm wide, with stubbly beard, abruptly recurved at tip.
LeavesThick, gray-green, almost heart-shaped lower ones to 16 cm (6) long & 1/3 as wide clasping around stem, upper ones to 10 cm (4) long & as as wide, bracts to 4 cm (1 ) long and as wide (looking cuplike), often blunt or with short tip, bracts and upper leaves often ovate, smooth.
Stems5-10 dm (20-40) tall; (thick) stems and inflorescences with long internodes.
InflorescenseMany cymes 2-3 flowered, often hidden in bract.
CorollaVery large, 35-50 mm (1 -2) long, white, pink-lavender or pale blue with dark guidelines, upper side of flower abruptly expanded, but lower side is flat.
Flower Color
Calyx7-11 mm (to 3/8) long, sepals narrow.
HabitatLow elevations of meadows, gravelly soils of the Great Plains and many river valleys.
RangeGreat Plains from w MT, s ND & ne WY, e to WI, s to central Missouri Valley, IA, NB, KS and TX.