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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_higginsii
ClassificationPenstemon Saccanthera Saccanthera Heterophylli
GeneralHiggin’s Penstemon It was found by L. C. Higgins in Pine Valley, UT in 1983 and named by Neese, a Great Basin Naturalist in 1986. Dr. Holmgren has not written a formal description for it yet. The following is a compilation from available material. It is closely related to P. leonardii, but has lavender flowers, and is restricted to a very small area of southwestern Utah. Blooms: May through July.
Anther0.9-1.4 mm, sac-shaped, average slightly larger than P. leonardii, opening only across lower ends, black.
StaminodeSmooth, projecting from orifice sometimes, slightly dilated at tip.
LeavesAll cauline, 4-10 mm (1/4-5/8”) long, entire, consistently short, ellipsoid shape with rounded or obtuse tips (the same forms occasionally occur in the Wasatch Range).
StemsDwarf subshrub, 1-3 dm cm (4-12”) tall, fuzzy herbage, spreading to ascending with decumbent bases, leafy sterile shoots.
Inflorescense2-6 verticillasters, the cymes 1-4 flowered, often gathered into a continuous thyrse, stems with unusual stalkless, sticky hairs that slough off with age.
Corolla14-20 mm (1/2-5/8”) long, bloom on one-side of stem, lavender, moderately belled, lobes slightly spreading, lower lip projecting slightly beyond the upper.
Flower Color
Calyx3-5.5 mm (<1/4”) long, segments lanceolate, pointed, spreading at tips, smooth, margins narrowly thinned.
RangePine Valley, and St. George, Washington Co., UT