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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_idahoensis
ClassificationPenstemon Habroanthus Glabri
GeneralIdaho Penstemon First described in 1988, it was first collected and recognized as a new species in 1982. It apparently occurs only (endemic) on white tuff (volcanic ash) outcrops in one drainage of Cassia Co, ID and adjacent n UT and n NV. White soil particles blown by the wind adhere to sticky surface glands on stems; leaves and flower, often making the plants fairly glisten. Blooms: Mostly in June.
AntherPurplish and white-bearded, but not hairy enough to obscure the valves (one side of anther wall after opening), the hairs about equal to the width of the sac, the sacs spreading at an obtuse angle, opening very narrowly at the outer ends to 4/5 their leng
Staminodeblueish, glabrous, included within the corolla.
Leaves3.5-7 cm (1 3/8-2 ) long, linear to oblanceolate at the base, linear to narrowly elliptic above, stemless, and glistening with sticky glands, margins entire and curled under.
Stems8-20 cm (3-8), usually several in a low clump, lax at the base, densely surface-glandular.
InflorescenseSeveral congested verticillasters, a panicle (branched cymes blooming from bottom upward), the cymes 2- to 5-flowered, flowering on one side and densely glandular.
Corolla17-21 mm (5/8-3/4) long, blue to purple, bellied on the lower side, smooth inside and out, petal lobes well rounded.
Flower Color
Calyx5.5-8.5 mm (to 5/16) long, the sepals broad at the base taper abruptly to acuminate tips, and barely thinning on edges.
HabitatOn white tuffaceous outcrops in dry canyon or sagebrush country.
RangeCassia Co., ID and immediately adjacent UT and Possible NV.