Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_laxus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Proceri
GeneralLoose or Lax Penstemon [syn: P. watsonii subsp. laxus] A dense tuft of hairs completely filling the throat of the corolla quickly identifies this unusual species. While its name means “loose” as in an open panicle, this is misleading as it is actually arranged in a tight globe. Blooms: June and July.
AntherSmooth, the sacs completely open, opposite and broadly boat-shaped to nearly flat.
StaminodeIncluded and smooth, to bearded.
LeavesAll cauline, 4-9 cm (1 ½-3 ½”) long, stemless, mostly smooth, entire, withering at base of stem at blooming.
Stems3-7 dm (12-28”) tall, one to few slender stems, very remotely hairy below to smooth above.
Inflorescense1 to mostly 3 to 5 verticillaster, the two or three at the top very dense, the lower ones, if present, well-separated and on stems 3 cm (1”+) long and tightly pressed against the stem, the cymes mostly 6- to 10-flowered, sticky.
CorollaSmall, 11-15 mm (7/16-5/8” long, blue or blue-purple, a dense tuft of hairs on the palate occludes throat; the tube narrow and slightly bellied below, glabrous outside and many angle downward.
Flower Color
Calyx2-3.5 mm long, sepals ending in short sharp tips or acute, thin and sometimes ragged on edges.
HabitatDry meadows and open or wooded slopes from the foothills into the mountains.
RangeSouthwest and s-central ID, n of the Snake River Plain, Sun Valley, ID