Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_leiophyllus
ClassificationPenstemon Habroanthus Glabri
GeneralMarkagunt or Smoothleaf Penstemon Vulnerable status Blooms: June to August.
Anther1.2-1.8 mm long, open from outside ends 4/5 to near the connective, opening line straight, smooth, except for nipple-toothed opening.
Staminodeincluded, sparsely bearded at tip. Fertile stamens reaching the opening.
Leaves3-8 cm (1 ¼-3”) long, 4-15 mm wide, basal and lower cauline ones 5-6 mm wide, oblanceolate, with stems, the upper ones linear to broadly lanceolate and stemless.
StemsPerennial herb, 0.5-7 dm(2-28”) tall; stems erect or ascending, 1 to few arising from a simple or branched woody root base; herbage glabrous.
InflorescenseThyrse of 2-7 verticillasters, the cymes 1- to 3-flowered, the stems, calyces and corollas glandular-pubescent (sticky-fuzzy), the flowers on one side of stems.
Corolla17-30 mm (5/8-1 ¼”) long, bellied on lower side, upper lip projecting and slightly arched, the lower spreading, the tube is violet, lips light blue to blue-violet, the throat light blue to white within, all fuzzy-sticky, throat may be white-bearded.
Flower Color
Calyx5-8 mm (<1/3”) long, the segments broadly lanceolate, sharply tipped, sometimes recurved, sticky-fuzzy, edges ragged and thinned, nearly entire.
HabitatIn sagebrush, oak, Manzanita, ponderosa pine, aspen, spruce associations, 2000-3500 m (7000-11, 500’).
Range1. var: leiophyllus: Markagunt or Smoothleaf Penstemon, 1.5-7 dm (6-28”) tall, cauline leaves, lanceolate to broadly lanceolate, 5-20 mm wide, usually flat and straight, palate of corolla usually smooth, sw UT. 2a var. francisci-pennellii (Crosswh.) N. Holmgren Pennell’s Penstemon, Lincoln, White Pine and Nye Cos. NV both varieties shorter, 0.5-2 dm tall, cauline leaves linear to narrowly lanceolate, 2-5 mm wide, usually folded and arched, palate of corolla white-bearded, Lincoln, White Pine and Nye Cos. NV 2b var. keckii (Clokey) N. Holmgren: Charleston Penstemon, shorter than var. leiophyllus, 0.5-2 dm (2-8”) tall, found only in Charleston Mts., Clark Co., NV.