Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_lemhiensis
ClassificationPenstemon Habroanthus Glabri
GeneralLemhi Penstemon This is quite rare and differs from its close relatives in Subgenus Habroanthus in the length of its calyx and noticeably channeled (folded) leaves. It is named for Lemhi County and the Lemhi River Valley in southeastern ID, where it was first discovered. Blooms: June and July.
AntherFuzzy with stiff straight hairs, the sacs spreading nearly opposite and twisted to S-shaped, about 2 mm long, the openings minutely toothed.
StaminodeSmooth and included with the corolla.
Leaves8-16 cm (3-6+) long, entire, basal leaves present on rather short stems, narrowly elliptic or oblanceolate, smooth or mostly finely fuzzy; stem leaves reduced upward, stemless, very narrowly lance-shaped to linear, commonly folded at midrib.
Stems3-7 dm (12-28) tall, upright, generally covered with very fine, downward pointing hairs.
InflorescenseA narrow panicle, the 5-10 verticillasters distinctly spaced over about half the stem, the cymes few- 10-flowered, the stems very short.
Corolla25-30 mm (1- ) long, deep blue-purple on the petal lobes to lavender on the tube, smooth both inside and out.
Flower Color
Calyx7-11 mm (to 7/16) long, sepals ovate at the base, abruptly tapered to a long, narrow, caudate (tail-like) or acuminate tip, strongly thin-edged and ragged margins.
HabitatGrassy hills, sometimes with sagebrush from valleys into ponderosa pine forests in the mountains, at around (2100m) 7500.
RangeEast central ID and sw MT.