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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_linarioides
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Ericopsis Linaroides
GeneralToadflax Penstemon The leaves look like those of Genus Linaria of which toadflax is a species which explains the common name. It is a complex, varied species occurring over 5 states with five named subspecies. Blooms: May to August.
AntherBlack, widely spreading, opening moderately with toothed cell edges.
LeavesGray-blue-green, pubescent (hairy), except usually green-smooth on outer 2/3 (in 2 subspecies, leaves altogether pubescent).
Stems1-5 dm (4-20”) tall, prostrate, or upright stems to 1’, vertical stems spring from the prostrate stems, giving rise to further vertical sterile shoots from the leaf axils, (a bird’s next, not a mat).
InflorescenseCymes sometimes 1 at a node, 1-3-flowered.
CorollaOften expanded widely on top, pale blue to blue-violet, white within, guidelines noticeable.
Flower Color
CalyxLobes with white, chartaceous (papery) and often-jagged edges, long, narrow tip, erose at base.
HabitatSubmontane, sagebrush, pinyon/juniper to ponderosa forest areas, 1372-3000m (4500-10,000’).
Range1a. Leaves medium width, with retrorse leaf hairs, not appressed, flat or scale-like. ssp maguirei: Leaves 25 mm long (<1”) & 1/5 as wide, oblanceolates, altogether pubescent, plant 2-5 dm (8-20”) tall, corolla 14-23 mm (1/2-7/8”) long, Gila River in Greenlee Co., AZ . 1a. Leaves narrow or very narrow, with retrorse appressed hairs, flat and scale-like, 1b. Leaves usually between 10-25 mm long 1c. Leaves crowded, to 20 mm long & 1/7-1/10 as wide. ar sileri: Leaves to 20 mm (3/4”)long & 1/7-1/10 as wide, crowded, stem upright to 3 dm (12”) tall, or creeping, matforming, to 2 dm (8”) long, corolla 13-18 mm (1/2-5/8”) long, lip sometimes not bearded, staminode with slight beard most of length, tuft on tip, c UT, nearby NV, n &se AZ. 1c. Leaves not crowded, very narrow, to 25 mm & 1/1/2 as wide 2a. var linarioides: staminode with dense beard, very narrow, to 25 mm <1”) long & 1 ½ as wide, staminode with dense beard most of length, longer tuft at tip, plant 2-5 dm (4-20”) long, rarely matforming, corolla 16-24 mm (1/2-7/8”) long, w NM, e AZ 2a. ssp coloradoensis: Staminode with sparse, short beard most of its length, tuft at tip, plant 10-35 mm (3/8-1 ¼”) long, corolla 15-20 mm (1/2-3/4”) long, sw CO, nw NM. 1b. Leaves very short, 10 mm, crowded to 1 cm (3/8”) long & 1/7 as wide,altogether pubescent: ssp compactifolius: plant 10-35 cm 4-14”) tall, corolla small, 13-18 mm (1/2-5/8”) long, darker color, staminode with dense beard most of length, longer tuft at tip, near Flagstaff, AZ.