Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_lyallii
ClassificationPenstemon Dasanthera
GeneralLyall’s Beardtongue Blooms: June to August.
AntherWoolly pubescent, explanate (open flat).
StaminodeShort, glabrous, not much expended at the tip.
LeavesDeciduous, all found on blooming stems, 3-13 cm (1-5in.) long and narrow, about 10 times as long as wide, sharp-pointed, pale green and nearly entire to finely serrate.
StemsShrubby only at the base, the plants entirely herbaceous above, 3-8dm (12-32 in) tall, glabrous below the inflorescence, few or no sterile shoots.
InflorescenseAn open, branching panicle, glandular-pubescent
CorollaPale lavender, 3-4 cm (1 ¼-1 ½”) long, bearded on the tow ridges on the palate and hairless outside.
Flower Color
CalyxSepals narrow, 7-15 mm (to 5/8”) long, glandular, entire and pointed.
HabitatSteep, rocky mountainsides and rock outcrops to gravel bars at streamside, subalpine and alpine.
RangeSoutheastern British Columbia, sw Alberta, n ID and NW MT.