Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_metcalfei
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Humiles
GeneralMetcalf’s Penstemon. RARE. Blooms: July and August
AntherOval, open to the connective, not flat.
StaminodeNot or slightly extended beyond corolla, not expanded at tip, heavy golden beard to ½ its length.
LeavesEntire, the lower ovate, the upper lanceolate, thin, minutely puberulent, amplexical (clasping stem), the upper stemless, the lower on slender winged stems.
StemsPerennial from a slender, creeping, woody rhizome; stems few, usually erect, up to 4 dm (12”) tall, puberulent (downy) throughout, glandular (sticky) above.
InflorescenseA short interrupted thyrse.
CorollaUp to 17 mm (5/8”) long, basal one-third light blue-purple, remainder white with deep purple veins, lobes darker blue-purple, exterior somewhat glandular-pubescent, funnelform, two-lipped, side lobes of lower lip diverging about 45 degree, lower lip white fuzzy within.
Flower Color
CalyxGlandular-pubescent (sticky-hairy), lobes green, linear-lanceolate, separate almost to base.
HabitatCliffs or steep, north-facing slopes in lower and upper montane coniferous forest; 2000-2900 m (6600-9500’) ele.
RangeSierra County, Black Range, NM.