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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_montanus
ClassificationPenstemon Dasanthera
GeneralMountain Penstemon. Blooms: mostly in mid-summer.
AntherDensely white-wooly, the sacs becoming opposite and explanate.
StaminodeSlender, short and included within the corolla; glabrous or lightly bearded the length.
LeavesTo 5 X 2.5 cm (2 X 1 ) long and wide, smaller below and all cauline, varying from glabrous to glandular (sticky) and sharply serrate to entire and green or glaucous, depending on the variety.
StemsWoody at the base and branching, somewhat mat-forming, resembling aerial runners, spreading, prostrate, flowering, (cauline) stems, non-woody, 1-3 dm (4-12in) long and upright, some leafy, sterile stems usually equal length to the fertile ones.
InflorescenseNormally 2 flowers per node except 1 terminal; a crowded secund (one-sided) raceme without bracts beneath, glandular or glabrous.
Corolla2.6 to 3.9 cm (1-1 ) long, blue, lavender or violet, glabrous; keeled on top and bearded on the 2-ridged palate.
Flower Color
Calyx8-14 mm (5 /16- 9 1/16) long, the sepals narrow, pointed, entire on the margins and mostly glandular.
HabitatSubalpine and alpine on rocky outcrops or shifting talus.
RangeCentral ID to s-c MT, w WY and c UT. variety idahoensis (Keck) Cronq .Leaves are entire or sub-entire, glabrous or roughly puberulent (fuzzy), but usually not sticky and often smooth; stems are generally less than 1 cm when in full bloom.; c ID from w Custer to n Elmore and w Valley counties. variety montanus Leaves are strongly toothed, generally rough-hairy, often sticky, not at all smooth; stems are often longer to 2 cm, found in remainder of range.