Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_parvulus
ClassificationPenstemon Saccanthera Saccanthera Heterophylli
GeneralSmall Azure Penstemon P. parvulus is closely related to P. azureus and until recently was ranked as a subspecies. Parvulus means “very small” perhaps due to its low, spreading nature. It sometimes hybridizes with P. azureus. Blooms: June into August.
AntherPermanently horseshoe-shaped, sacs opening ½ to ¾ of their length across the attached ends, with a few short, stiff hairs near the connective, 1.4-1.8mm long with numerous spiny teeth on the openings.
StaminodeGlabrous or with a few short hairs on the expanded tip and mostly included with the corolla.
Leaves1-4.5cm (to 1 ¾”) long, mostly cauline, narrow to oblanceolate below, lance-shaped to oblong or ovate above, mostly entire, petioled (with stems) below to clasping (touching) above.
Stems1.5-3.5 dm (6-14”) long-woody and branching at the base, spreading to almost prostrate, loosely mat-forming, a few sterile (non-flowering) shoots at the base, glabrous and somewhat blueish.
InflorescenseA raceme on smaller plants to panicles on larger specimens, the cymes 2- to 4-flowered, glabrous, narrow, with lower peduncles pressed against stems.
Corolla1.4-2 cm (9/16-3/4”) long, blue to violet, glabrous
Flower Color
Calyx3-5mm (<1/4”) long, sepals broad and overlapping, variable at the tip, green or purple, mostly entire
HabitatRocky, open foothills to the higher mountain forests.
RangeSiskiyou Mts of sw OR to high Sierras of c CA.