Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_patricus
ClassificationPenstemon Saccanthera Saccanthera Heterophylli
GeneralDad’s Penstemon Named for Dr Arthur Holmgren, Noel’s father, who was one of those who conceived the Intermountain Basin series, now at eight volumes. It resembles P. leonardii in stature and leaf size; it resembles P. platyphyllus in calyx, corolla and anther size, and it resembles P. sepalulus in having a glabrous inflorescence with no sign of hybridization. Blooms: July.
Antherhorseshoed-shaped, 1.4-1.9mm long, opening across the conjoined cells for half their length, sutures nipple –toothed, capsule about 7-8 mm long.
Staminodeincluded, slightly dilated at end, white, smooth; fertile stamens reaching the orifice or upper pair often exserted.
Leaves1.5-3 cm (5/8-1 1/4”) long, entire, all on flowering stems, the lower oblanceolate, rounded to obtuse, the upper (ob)lanceolate to linear, acute, cuneate (wedge shaped) at base, smooth.
Stems1.7-2.5 dm (7-10”) tall, puberulent, tending to be shrubby at the base; stems ascending, often decumbent at base, usually several clustered on a much-branched, woody caudex.
Inflorescensea thryse of 3-6 vertillasters, less than a raceme at ends with cymes reduced to one flower; pedicels 2-3-branched, smooth
Corolla20-25mm (about an inch) long, lips opening at almost same length, with upper slightly projecting, the lower reflexed, tips violet, with a tinge of blue to lavender, smooth outside and inside.
Flower Color
Calyx3.5-5 mm (1/4”) long with lanceolate to narrowly ovate segments, acuminate or caudate-tipped, the tip recurved, smooth with margins thinned at base.
HabitatFound in cracks and crevices of granite cliffs and rocky slopes, in pinyon-juniper, mountain mahogany and spruce associations, 2500-3200m (7000-9000’).
RangeDeep Creek Range of w. Juab and Tooele cos. and House Range of Millard Co., UT; Kern Mts. of White Pine Co. NV