Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_payettensis
ClassificationPenstemon Habroanthus Glabri
GeneralPayette Penstemon This species is named for Payette County or the Payette River and National Forest in Idaho, where it occurs rather commonly and was first discovered. Nelson and Macbride described this beautiful plant in 1916. Blooms: Late May into August but mostly June and July.
AntherOpening the outer 4/5 or nearly to the connective, the sacs spreading opposite and opening narrowly, just reaching the orifice or slightly excerpt, the sutures minutely toothed.
StaminodeGlabrous or sometimes sparsely yellow-bearded and slightly expanded at the tip.
Leaves15-18 cm (6-7) (very) long, including a long slender stem, mostly ovate; cauline leaves smaller 4-8 cm (1 -3) long, stemless and lanceolate, entire, smooth.
Stems1.5-7 dm (6-28) tall, one or a few stems rise erect in a tight cluster, smooth and leafy at the base.
InflorescenseA fairly dense, glabrous panicle composed of 3 to 10- verticillasters, the cymes 2- to 4-flowered, tending to be secund (one-sided), the stems in leafy axils in the lower inflorescence.
Corolla18-28 mm (3/4-1 1/8) long, bright blue to purplish, lighter near base of the tube, flaring to a broad throat, the lower lip longer than the upper, smooth inside and out.
Flower Color
Calyx4.5-8mm (to 5/16) long, lanceolate sepals, acuminate-tapered, narrowly thinned and entire.
HabitatOpen slopes and ridge tops to scattered forest or brushy areas from valleys into the mountains, 1900-2700 m (5900-8200).
RangeThe Wallowa Mts. of ne OR, across central ID to the w-central edge of MT.