Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_pennellianus
ClassificationPenstemon Habroanthus Glabri
GeneralPennell’s or Blue Mountain Penstemon The species is closely related to P. speciosus and P. payettensis. Keck hypothesized that it developed through ancient hybridization of these two. Its range approaches them, but does not overlap either of them. Blooms: June and July
Anther1.9-2.5 mm long, sparsely pubescent with short, straight hairs, mostly near the connective, the sacs opening about 2/3 their length from the outer end, not widely, but twisted so the anthers are S-shaped.
Staminodeshort bearded and somewhat expanded at the tip.
LeavesThe basal leaves forming a rosette, each leaf 8-25 cm (3-10”) long, rather thick, entire, shiny-green-glaucous, mostly narrow-elliptic and tapered to long stems; cauline leaves 6-9 cm (2 ¼-3 ½”) long, reduced on the lower stem to maximum size in the middle, lance-shaped to ovate and acute at the tip, stemless or clasping, the bases of leaf pairs often meeting around the stem.
Stems2-6 dm (8-24”) tall, several stout stems sprout from a branching, woody root crown, and smooth herbage.
Inflorescensea panicle of 3-20 verticillasters, distinctly spaced in the lower inflorescence to crowded above, the cymes usually 2- to 4-flowered.
CorollaLarge, 25-33 mm (1-1 5/16”) long, bright blue to purplish, smooth throughout.
Flower Color
Calyx5-9 mm (1/4”) long, sepals lanceolate to ovate and tapered to acute or acuminate tips, mostly entire and narrowly thinned on the edges.
HabitatOpen forest on ridge tops to rocky or gravelly slopes, 3000' to 5000'.
RangeThe Blue Mountains of se WA and n Wallowa Cos, OR.