Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_perfoliatus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Fasciculus Perfoliati
GeneralRare Mexican species from Oaxaca - entire plant is glandular hairy with the exception of the flowers that are less glandular. 40 inches tall
Antherdivaricate, open all across, not explanate
Staminodedilated, slightly bearded
LeavesBroad serrate leaves that are connate-perfoliate on the upper stem.
Stemsglandular hairy up to forty inches
InflorescenseThe violet to lavender flowers form rings with broad bracts cupping them in an interrupted inflorescense.
Flower Color
HabitatMountains in Oaxaca around 10,000 feet
RangeIn Mexico, state of Oaxaca at elevations around 10,000'