Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_pinifolius
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Fasciculus Fasciculi
GeneralPineleaf Penstemon Common in cultivation, this mat-grower resembles grass underfoot. Jay Lunn of Hillsboro, OR discovered a lovely yellow form in the Magdalena Mts. of sw NM. Blooms: May to August.
AntherSpreading widely, opening flat, concealed under upper lobes, projecting almost to edge of orifice.
StaminodeBearded with bright yellows hairs most of length, lies within the throat. narrow.
Leaves25-32 mm (1-1 ¼”) long, thick, smooth, dark green, heath or needle-like, crowded at base of stem, D-shaped in cross-section, a few appear on cauline stem, 6 mm (1/4”) long.
Stems2-4 dm (8-16”) in low mats twice as wide, many sticky/fuzzy stems with a few leaves, herbage fuzzy.
InflorescenseCymes usually one at a node 1-3 cm (1/4-1”) long, 1-3 flowered.
Corolla25-32 mm (1-1 ¼”) long and 1/10 as wide, narrow, scarlet tubes, although yellow or orange sports are found, on one side of stem. Lower lip nodding, widely divided into 3 spreading and reflexed, upper lip lobes extend forward in ‘shark’s head’ shape, narrow petals, a few yellow or white hairs in throat, fuzzy-sticky on outside.
Flower Color
Calyx5-7 mm (1/4+”) long, sepals lanceolate, sharply pointed and paper at the base.
HabitatGravelly, sandy soils on rocky slopes (and under pines at south campground in Grand Canyon NP) 1800-2600 m (6000-8500’).
RangeSouth central NM, se AZ and adjacent MX.