Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_pseudoparvus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Humiles
GeneralParvis-like Penstemon This species was separated from the P. oliganthus complex into its own species. Described by Crosswhite in1965 as a sort of dwarf of P. oliganthus, it has hairier stems. It appears on the NM Rare plant Review List, probably due to limited habitat. Blooms: July to August.
AntherOpposite and open across but not explanate (flat).
StaminodeVisible and lies within the throat; densely bearded for the length with stiff golden hairs.
LeavesGray-green basal ones few, 11-17 mm (-3/4) long & 5-18 mm (1/8-3/4) wide, spatulate to broadly elliptic with stems and a distinctive midrib, usually forming a rosette which remains at flowering. Stem leaves 18-42 mm (-1 ) long & 5-18 mm (3/100-1/8) wide, narrowly lanceolate to linear, glandular (sticky) with slightly papery margins without stems.
Stems10-30 cm (4-11 ) tall, one to several stems hairy to the naked eye, herbage slightly pubescent (fuzzy) below.
InflorescenseSlender, straight, glandular with 3-10 flowers, cyme 1-2 flowered, sometimes 1 to a node.
Corolla11-17 mm (1/2-3/4) long, blue to purple, horizontal, not drooping, moderately sticky, little expanded, throat wide open and ridged on lower part; large lower lip is bearded with moderately long white hair, guidelines.
Flower Color
Calyx3.5-5 mm (1/8) long, the sepals lanceolate, glandular with slightly papery margins.
HabitatGrassy meadows at 3048 m (10,000).
RangeMagdalena Mts., Mt. Withington, San Mateo Mts. of Socorro Co, NM