Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_purpusii
ClassificationPenstemon Saccanthera Saccanthera Heterophylli
GeneralSnow Mountain Penstemon UNCOMMON Blooms: late July to early August.
Anther2.4-2.6mm (<1/2) long cells, opening across common tip 2/3-3/4 their length, inner margins hairy
LeavesUpper cauline leaves 30-90mm (1-3 1/2) long, (ob)lanceolate, usually folded length-wise, (sub)entire.
Stems5-20 cm (2 -10) long, densely blue-fuzzy or glaucous, prostrate, may root.
InflorescenseGlandular (sticky).
Corolla27-31mm (<3) long, blue-violet, white inside throat creeping to lip as 2 spots, glandular outside, glabrous inside.
Flower Color
Calyx6-10mm (1/4-3/8) long, lobes mostly lanceolate
Habitatridges, peaks, open slopes in montane forest, 1500-2400m (4500-7200).
RangeWest Klamath Range, and North Coast Range in CA.