Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_rhizomatosus
ClassificationPenstemon Saccanthera Saccanthera Heterophylli
GeneralSchell Creek Penstemon RARE This species is endemic only to White Pine County, NV, and closely related to P. kingii. Blooms: July and August.
Anther0.9-1.2 mm long, horseshoe-shaped, opening only at the top, purple-black.
Staminodeslightly dilated at end, bare and barely exserted, fertile stamens reaching the tip or included.
Leaves1.7-3.5 cm (3/4-1 ) long (including the short petiole), all on flowering stems, oblanceolate to lanceolate, gradually tapering to the winged petiole, lower leaves sometimes spatulate and much smaller, minutely white-hairy on stems and upper surfaces..
Stems0.8-2 dm (3-8) tall, from a loosely branched woody rhizome (for which the taxon is name), which surmounts a thick woody taproot.
InflorescenseThyrse of 3-5 verticillasters, the cymes 1-2-flowered, the lowermost bracts leaf-like in size and shape, reduced in size upwards.
CorollaSmall, 14-18 mm (5/8-7/8) long, gradually expanding from the tubular base to ampliate (bellied), glandular-hairy, violet to red-violet flowers with protruding upper lip.
Flower Color
Calyx3.5-5.5mm (to 1/4) long, sticky-fuzzy, the segments lanceolate to ovate, with entire, thinned edges.
HabitatTalus slopes and less commonly in cracks and crevices of limestone outcrops in areas of bristlecone and limber pine woods, 3000-3250m (9900-10,700).
RangeWhite Pine County, NV