Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_rupicola
ClassificationPenstemon Dasanthera
GeneralCliff or Rock penstemon. Blooms Late spring to midsummer, depending on elevation.
AntherDensely woolly-pubescent, explanate, mostly included with the corolla or slightly exherted (protruding).
StaminodeGlabrous or sparsely bearded, short and included.
Leavesovate, leathery, bluish-glaucous, minutely to markedly serrate, 8-18 mm (1/4-11/16) long; cauline leaves much reduced.
StemsShrubby at the base, prostrate and matted; stems rising 1 dm (4 tall or less), very leafy and short-hairy.
InflorescenseA raceme, few-flowered and compact, second (one-sided) and glandular-pubescent.
CorollaPink to deep rose, 2.5 to 3.7 cm (!-1 ) long and rather narrow, keeled on top, 2-ridged on the palate within, glabrous except for a few hairs on palate and broadly 2-lipped.
Flower Color
CalyxSepals elliptic, 6-11 mm (1/4-1/2) long glandular, acute at the tip and often purplish.
HabitatBasalt rock cliffs or rock outcrops from low elevation in the Columbia Gorge to high elevations.
RangeThe Cascades on both east and west slopes from s WA to sw OR and n CA.