Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_saltarius
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Fasciculus Racemosi
GeneralEl Salto or Waterfall Penstemon The species was named for the type location, El Salto, also for collector Dr. U. T. Waterfall (salto de agua in Spanish). Blooms After summer rains, August-September
AntherNaviculate (boat-shaped, spreading widely, not open wide)
StaminodeNot bearded, included in flower
Leaves4 cm (1 ) long & 1/3 as wide, smooth, oblanceolate, basal leaves few at bloom-time, usually no fascicles (bract-like leaves).
Stems25-35 cm (10-15) tall, usually not branching, virgate (wand-like flexible stems), bare,
InflorescenseShort, bare-looking, 1-3 nodes, reduced bracts; cyme 1 per node, 1-3 flowered.
Corolla25-35 mm (1-1 ) long, violet-purple, essentially not bearded, bell-like, sticky on outside.
Flower Color
Calyx4-6 mm (to ) long
HabitatOpen woodlands, 2600 m (8500)
RangeDurango, MX