Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_subglaber
ClassificationPenstemon Habroanthus Glabri
GeneralSmooth Penstemon Blooms: June to early August.
Anther1.5-2.1 mm long, opening nearly the full length, but not next to the connective, white-spiky-hairy on the sides, the openings nipple-toothed.
Staminodeincluded to more or less exserted, the yellow beard forming a tuft at the tip with a few straggly hairs below; fertile stamens reach the edge to exserted.
LeavesEntire, the basal and lower cauline ones 5-10 cm (2-4) long, 7-17 mm wide, oblanceolate, tapering to a winged stem base, the upper cauline ones 3-7.5cm (1-3) long, and 5-15 mm (to 5/8) wide, narrowly lanceolate to (ob)lanceolate, stemless.
StemsPerennial herb, 2.5-7 dm (10-30) tall; stems ascending or erect, 1 to few arising from a thick root crown; herbage smooth.
InflorescenseThyrse of 4-7 verticillasters, the cymes 1-3 flowered, sticky/fuzzy, sometimes sparsely so, the flowers one-sided.
Corolla20-30 mm, puffy, 2-ridged in throat, often whitish within, lips deep-blue, the tube violet, sticky-fuzzy to smooth outside, the palate smooth.
Flower Color
Calyx4.5-7.5mm (about ) long, the segments lanceolate to ovate, acute or acuminate tips, sticky-fuzzy to nearly smooth, the margins narrowly thinned, moderately ragged, recurved at the tip.
HabitatModerately moist to dry places on exposed sagebrush slopes and open Gambel oak scrub, aspen or fir woods, 1800-3300 m (6000-10,900).
RangeWestern WY, s into UT through the Uinta Mts, e slopes of the s Wasatch Mts.; also vicinity of Pocatello ID.