Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_subserratus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Humiles
GeneralFine-toothed or Subserrate Penstemon Blooms: May to early July.
Anther0.7-1.1 mm long, opening full length, the sacs opposite, shallow boat-shaped to nearly explanate (flat), the openings on edges sometimes very finely toothed.
StaminodeReaching the mouth, bearded with yellow hairs and recurved.
LeavesBasal ones 5-20 mm (to 3/4) long, mostly elliptic on long slender petioles, entire to finely and irregularly serrate (toothed) smooth or finely pubescent to remotely glandular (sticky); cauline leaves 2-6 cm (1-2 ) long, lanceolate or narrower, sessile (stemless) to clasping in the inflorescence, finely toothed.
Stems3-8 dm (12-32) tall, many stems normally form a tight cluster and may be very finely pubescent (fuzzy) below the inflorescence.
InflorescenseOf 3 to 10- well-separated verticillasters, the cymes normally 2- to 4-flowered on relatively long peduncles held quite close to the stems, glandular.
Corolla12-18 mm (1/2-3/4) long, bright blue on the tube, paler in the throat, the palate bearded with short yellow hairs, the tube moderately expanded and strongly 2-lipped, lightly glandular outside.
Flower Color
Calyx3-5 mm high, the sepals oblong to ovate, narrowly scarious and somewhat erose (thin).
HabitatOpen woods and clearings, 1200-1500 m (4000-5000)
RangeEast slope of the Cascades in Washington to Mt. Hood, OR.