Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_triflorus
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Cristati
GeneralThree-flowered Penstemon. Blooms: March to May.
AntherSpreading, 1 mm long, ovate lobes.
StaminodeBearded or not.
LeavesIrregularly toothed to entire and form a large basal clump at bloom time.
Stems25-65 cm (10-28) tall.
InflorescenseCyme 2-3 flowered.
CorollaLarge, 25-35 mm (1-1 ) long, white, shades of pink to lavender, expanded gradually from long, narrow tube to spreading lobes.
Flower Color
Calyx8-11 mm (to 3/8) long.
Habitat: Rocky, calcareous (limey) soils, often on bluffs, central TX, eastern Edwards Plateau and upper valley of Colorado R. in Texas Hill section.
RangeEast central to west central TX. var. triflorus: Upper leaves very broad, to 8 cm (3) long and 1/3 as wide; lower leaves to 10 cm (4) long & 1/5 as wide, usually slightly toothed; corolla white pink or rose-red to 25-35 cm long; calyx 8-11 mm long; staminode with beard its length or not bearded, east-central TX. var. integrifolius Pennell [synonym: P. helleri 1898] Leaves narrow to 10 cm (4) long & 1/7 as wide, mostly entire; longer stems so thyrse is lax; corolla pink-lavender to purple, medium size, 20-30 mm (3/4-2) long, moderately inflated throat, rounded beneath; calyx 5-8 mm (to ) long; staminode with slight beard at tip with short, yellow hairs, west central TX.