Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_tusharensis
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Ericopsis Caespitosi
GeneralTushar Plateau Penstemon. Blooms; June to August.
Anther0.6-0.9 mm, opening the full length and sometimes becoming flat, smooth, except for nipple-toothed cell edges.
StaminodeIncluded, golden-yellow-bearded; fertile stamens mostly included.
LeavesObovate to spatulate, 6-16 mm (1/4-1/2) long & 3-4.5 mm wide, entire, narrowing to a stemmed base, puberulent (downy) on upper surface and sparsely puberulent to usually smooth on beneath.
StemsSmall subshrub, leafy flowering stems erect or ascending, or sometimes spreading, 6-12 cm (2 -5) long, usually clustered on the decumbent or spreading woody, much-branched old stems.
InflorescenseSecund (one-sided).
CorollaMarcescent (withering and persistent), 12-18 mm (3/8-3/4) long, pale blue with red-violet guidelines inside the throat and lower lobes on a whitish back, the tube violet, the throat flat and 2-ridged above, bulging beneath, the upper lip more or less projecting, the lower projecting-spreading, glandular-pubescent on outer surface, the palate yellow-bearded.
Flower Color
Calyx-5 mm (1/4) long, the segments narrowly lanceolate, pubescence of the flattened, appressed type of hairs with glandular (sticky) hairs interspersed, the edges not ragged.
HabitatSandy or gravelly subalpine slopes, 2690-3050 m (2600-10,000).
RangeEndemic to c UT in the Tushar Plateau, e Beaver Co., Paiute Co. and nw Garfield Co. and the n end of the Markagunt Plat. (between Parowan and Panguitch), Iron Co.,UT.