Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_utahensis
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Peltanthera Centranthifolii
GeneralUtah Penstemon. Blooms: April to June.
Anther0.6-1.1 mm long, opening the full length and becoming peltately explanate (flat, shield-shape), essentially hairless.
StaminodeIncluded, glabrous or with short, nipple-like hairs at the base.
LeavesEntire, relatively thick and fleshy, often folded, the basal and lower cauline ones 3.5-8 cm (1 -3) long, 5-20 mm (1/4-3/4) wide, oblanceolate, tapering to a winged stem base; the upper cauline ones 1.5-5.5 cm (1/2-2) long, narrowly elliptic to lanceolate, stemless.
StemsPerennial herb, 1.5-5 dm (6-20) tall, with well developed basal leaves, stems erect or ascending, usually few arising from a branched caudex; herbage glabrous and glaucous.
InflorescenseThyrse elongate, of 5-15 verticillasters, the cymes1-3-flowered, often loosely divaricate-branched (spreading), glabrous, tending to be secund (one-sided).
Corolla17-22 mm (to ) long, true red to crimson, sometimes deep pink or pink-purple, tubular-salverform, lips slightly at angle with lower lip projecting and upper reflexed, glandular-pubescent (sticky-hairy) within and externally.
Flower Colorred
Calyx2.5-4 mm 1/8) long, sepals broadly ovate and often mucronate-tipped (sharp), glabrous, the edges broadly ragged-edged, papery, often anthocyanous (bluish).
HabitatSagebrush and pinyon-juniper communities, often in sandstone derived soils, 1200-2000 m (4000-6700) elev.
RangeCanyon Lands of UT from s Emery and s Grand Cos., s and w across the s Utah and Grand Canyon plateaus to the Basin Ranges in Clark Co. NV and adj. San Bernardino Co., CA.